'Using Your Voice' - A Full-Day Voice Workshop for the Ministry

Strategies for keeping your voice stronger for longer and communicate effectively developing your voice! A practical and interactive workshop designed to help you find, use, enjoy and maintain your voice. This one day workshop looks at ways to keep your voice healthy as well as use it to best advantage.

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Case Studies

Voice work with Ordinands in Salisbury

I started working with ordinands at Salisbury Theological College in the late 1960’s, when the Principal thought many of his students were “boring to listen to” and so contacted the local theatre and asked my then husband and me to come

Voice Training for the Ministry in the North-East

Letter from the Revd. Canon Trevor Pitt, Principal of NEOC:

“Over many years, the North-East Oecumenical Course prepared mature candidates for the Ministries of the Anglican, Methodist and United Reformed churches.”

Ordinands turn to VCN for Voice Care and Communication Training

The VCN was recently approached by Oxford Theological Department to run two workshops for their summer school based at the London School of Theology. The leader and organiser, who was travelling in Germany at the time, arranged the workshops at short notice over her mobile phone with the Chairman!