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VCN produces a small range of publications aims to further the understanding of voice care and skills and to finance the Voice Care Network administration. Publications are posted usually within 10 days. Postage is extra outside the UK. Here you can purchase publications online or download back-issues of 'Voice Matters', VCN's newsletter.


More Care for Your Voice (Recommended by the SEAC)

A concise professional introduction to the use and care of the speaking voice.

Recommended by the Health and Safety Commission's Schools Education Advisory Committee (SEAC, see signed notice)


A Voice Care Guide for Call Centre Managers

Call centre workers are professional voice users who depend on their voices for work. The practical guide is for people doing intensive telephone work. It promotes the importance of voice care as an investment in the health and safety of those people.


Voice Warm-Up Exercises

Simple daily exercises, presented in an A6 booklet that fits the pocket.


Voice Catcher: An Anthology

“Voice Catcher is a collection of writings that celebrate voice and languages, speech and the need to tell … about feelings and emotions … how words are unstoppable … how voice can be imprisoned or excessive … about listening and the need to tell and the need of the heart for silence.” Heather Kay, editor, from the Introduction

“… this remarkable work … is a linguistic firework display, sparkling with all the colours of the auditory rainbow … the emphasis on speaking and listening will make it an invaluable resource for professionals.” David Crystal, from the Foreward.

The idea of a voice anthology arose after shared readings at the end of a day studying “Voice as the Foundation of Literature” with David Crystal. Selections have been contributed by many members. “Voice Catcher” is - “… a diverse catch of voices harvested by a Network of voice professionals.”

Price £10.00 plus £1.20 p&p.


A 32 page A4 book. Linked with speaking, listening,learning: Working with children in KS1 and KS2

£10.00 plus £1.20 p&p


Notes on Voice Care for Teachers

A 4 page A5 leaflet including information on how voice works, voice production - the physical basis, using the voice - a check list, voice care - environmental, physiological, personal.


Keeping a Young Voice

A 4 page A4 leaflet with notes on keeping a good clear voice, for elderly people.


Previous Newsletters

An archive of previous issues of 'Voice Matters'.

Voice Matters Issue 57 (Spring 2013)

VCN Annual Study
Feature Articles from Members
Being a voice artist
Want to become a Voice Teacher?
Book Reviews
Actor Training the Laban Way
One Voice
Choral Pedagogy and the Older Singer
Teacher and Learning

Voice Matters Issue 56 (Autumn 2012)

VCN Annual Study
Professor David Crystal
Feature Articles from Members
Want to become a Voice Teacher?
Book Reviews
Actor Training the Laban Way
One Voice
Choral Pedagogy and the Older Singer
Teacher and Learning
Development Reports
Members' activities

Voice Matters Issue 55 (Spring 2012)

Chairman’s message
Education News
Autumn Study Day Reviews
Looking Ahead
Accent Method Training
News from Trustees

Voice Matters "King's Speech" Issue

“WANTED : VCN Film Critic journalist !!!
We are sure that many/most (all?) of you will have seen the magnificent new film, starring Colin Firth –
The King’s Speech. What a wonderful demonstration of the real success (and influence) voice coaches
can have. The reasons for difficulties with speech are many and varied and so are the ways of

Voice Matters Issue 54 (Winter 2011)

New Chair for VCN
Members Appreciate ASM at St.John’s, Oxford
If they dont know Shakespeare, who does?
Girls Day School Trust impressed with VCN delivered workshops
BBC’s Mangled Subtitles Angers Viewers!
Deep Voices get to Women’s Hearts Quicker!
Canterbury Cathedral Rely on VCN Warm Up Exercises

Voice Matters Issue 53 (Summer 2011)

Annual Study Meeting 2011
Cicely Berry Special Study Day
Teaching Unions continue to support Voice Training
Schools Still Booking VCN Workshops
Feedback on Recent Workshops
Feedback on Recent Workshops Delivered By VCN

Voice Matters Issue 51 (Spring 2011)

Tributes to David Comins
Education News
Occupational Voice News
Last Autumn’s Study Day reports
Tribute to Annabel
VCN member provides 1940s voice
London and South East Group ‘pilot’
New Trustees
Financial position
Annual Study Meeting – Oxford, St.John’s College

Voice Matters Issue 50 (Winter 2010)

Education News
Occupational Voice News
Annual Study Meeting reports
Voice Catcher – A Xmas present!
AGM report
Trustees Retiring
Head Office News
Search for a new Voice Matters Editor
Autumn Study Day – 20th November

Voice Matters Issue 49 (Summer 2010)

Annual Study Meeting details
Education News 2-3
Reports on the Spring Study Day 2010 4-5
Report on the Autumn Study Day 2009 6
Head Office News

Voice Matters Issue 48 (Spring 2010)

Spring Study Day, Nutford House, London Saturday 15th May 2010
‘Rarely Cover’ rules see CPD training collapse
VCN provides Key Speaker at TA Conference
Local Authorities Appreciate VCN Workshops
ATL books up more NQT voice workshops