World Voice Day

World Voice Day is celebrated annually on 16th April. The idea began in Brazil and then spread to the USA. The idea is to celebrate healthy voices and highlight the importance of voice at work and in society. Why not contact Head Office to find out what you and your organisation could be doing to celebrate and highlight World Voice Day?

VCN Tutor holds World Voice Day 2009 at New Theatre Royal

Richard Tyrell, Drama Teacher at Mayfield School, Portsmouth, celebrated World Voice Day on April 16th at the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth with Kay Lowery and her Romeo and Juliet workshoppers, with a pre rehearsal Voice Session.

World Voice Day 'resonates' on Local Radio

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire responded with spirit to the idea of celebrating World Voice Day. Yes, they would like an interview with the VCN. This was confirmed, checked and broadcast on April 16 with Liz Kershaw on the Breakfast Show, accompanied by regular references to the VCN and World Voice Day among many other topics.

A Celebration On World Voice Day

Not wanting to miss out on World Voice Day, which fell during the holidays, Mayfields School’s Drama Club, consisting of year sevens and eights, (get them on board when they are young!) celebrated their own World Voice Day on 3rd April with some poetry readings.